The Bicol Disaster

Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Just a tip-off, this is a long narrative but may be worth your time. Carry on.

Thursday. Holy Thursday to be exact. Three weeks ago. I woke up to muscle pains that was crippling me to reach my phone or clutch the door knob or hold the sporks. Despite passing some hours idle at the wakeboard park insisting how my arms were too lame to go on resisting ropes that pulled my meat, I stood up painfully from the ground recalling how it all happened the day before. I just couldn’t imagine how Quentin must have felt. He was the one who pulled the cables all day. He was stellar! Such a monster!

The Year In Retrospect

Saturday, January 24, 2015

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So the year ended, and I only got a handful of stories posted; everything else is nay. One reason why I made this video is to tell about the untold and to thank everyone who was part of my year. I really hope I get to tell stories and inspire people more with my misfortunes and blog it here regularly this year. I don't brag but I get a lot of praises from my trips which give plenty of people the wonder how I do it. So I just say.... JUST DO IT. There's nothing really special about it. It's just between you and your guts to go out there and see for yourself. The world is huge baby. Nyaha.

Twenty-fourteen was the year of the great transition and the great outdoors. Of my dear love for mountains and oceans and the skies. It was the year of my great appreciation to people who were meant to come and make a difference in my life. Cheers to 2015! To more fun and laughter and to stories of overcoming everything in between. To hindrances and obstacles, see you at the finish line. THANK YOU!! ;)

Credits: Tim McMorris - A Beautiful Life

When Nothing Was For Sure

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

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For the record, if not for the killer cab that dashed us 12 kilometers in 5 blinks, we could have missed the check-in counter, missed the plane, missed Macau, then burned our bags.

Nothing was for sure when we realized how close we were to missing our first free international flight. The bother came due to So Myeong's and Patrik's international card application (per mandate for foreign students exiting the country). There was so much to loathe about that day. But we chose to love. Blah! So instead of wasting our time grumbling over the things that happened, we chose to think about the things we missed to plan out for Macau.

The One with the Free Tickets

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

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Cebu Pacific Juan For Fun
For a year, more or less, I've made best of friends with two of the guys I had never imagined to travel with. And magnetizing us were the free plane tickets we won from a backpacking challenge then called Juan For Fun (and I quote, "Thank you Cebu Pacific). On the last 2 months of that exploit, we realized that nothing good ever happens past 12 midnight abroad, that window seats are more important than friendship, and that bad experiences make good stories. MAKES A BETTER PERSON TOO. CAPS LOCK, BOLD, FONT SIZE...12pt. And please... I didn't travel the world...not yet. Rather, I've traveled through space and time..........


Now let's start over, shall we? The one with the free tickets.

The Unusual Chemistry

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

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Screenshot from our audition video.

It all started with a tagged post on Facebook about Cebu Pacific’s Juan For Fun. Since then, everything was never the same. We had two failed attempts of making our audition video, and our final output was way behind the others in terms of quality. But we didn’t lose hope. If it weren’t for our guts to try, we wouldn’t have gotten in. I guess my picks for teammates clicked, and the chemistry of an Iranian, Korean, and Filipino worked well on screen with the panelist.

Travel For Free with Cebu Pacific!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

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As many of the frequent readers of this blog may have not known (since I haven't blogged it here), I joined a backpacking adventure last year free of charge. It was a competition hosted by Cebu Pacific. Together with my team, we traveled around Philippines for 7 days all for free! This year, the same backpacking challenge is back for an even more exciting twist. They're having an international destination in their itinerary! Watch the video to know the mechanics! :)