Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

11:48 PM

They’re a legend! The first of its installments were those which I regularly viewed during my childhood days. Compared to the first Power Rangers, today’s modifications seem to flop from one revision to anoher. There had never been a revision that surpassed the original. Although several kids still watch it today, it’s no more compared to today’s 3D generated cartoons with much more improved plots. The Power Ranger storyline just gets a little brush yet then flunk.

The actors and actresses that brought us this series are no more to be found in the filming industry. Some of them passed away, receiving minimal movie offers and rejected, while some pursue dramatic roles in life . For instance the one who played the first Red Ranger is shown to be as a porn star today. The half-American, half-Chinese actress who played the Yellow Ranger died in a car accident in 2001.

Nostalgic it is for me. I used to watch this series way back when I was in grade one. It got me hook for a long time. It was followed by another series which was ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’.

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