200 Pounds of Beauty

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200 pounds of beauty, another of Korea’s peculiar plotted movies tells us the story about Hanna, a lip sync vocalist of the famous pop singer, Ammy.

Even though she is always ignored because of her appearance, she has been a bright and lighthearted girl until Ammy humiliates her in front of Sang-jun, her secret love.

Finally, she makes her decision to undergo a plastic surgery all over her body. Ammy was dismissed from her disguised stardom as Hanna, now Jenny, moves over the slot. Sang-jun who becomes her manager later discovers that Hanna was the same person as Jenny, later bringing Jenny’s career complicated from its incredible upsurge.

The movie didn’t end with Hanna and Sang-jun in love. After confessing in front of a multitude during her debut concert, Hanna gained several fans as well as loathers. She learned to live the transformed Hanna simply as she walks herself to an even bigger prominence.

I liked the movie because of its amusing scenes, especially the way Hanna convinced the plastic surgeon for a free operation. After the surgery, the funny reactions of several encounters amused me as well. Hanna/Jenny was gorgeous. Some Koreans said that the actress had undergone plastic surgery in real life. If she really had, the surgery sure looks perfect.

The movie teaches about living a life whatever and whoever you are; accepting what is yours or how you look like regardless of its changeabilities. There are unique parts in us other than being physically attractive or whatever. Hanna for one, even though obese, had a good singing voice but was neglected only as a lip sync due to her appearance. The decision she made led her to her greatest remorse but sooner realized that what was done was now all the regrets and that she had to move on. Her confession during her concert was really the courageous part. The crowd accepted her in the end, though some looked down to her as the same fat Hanna.

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