Brain Twister

6:10 AM

I usually get impatient especially when I get stuck before a heavy crowd lining up for some payments. Earlier today, I had my dose of it again: I waited for Sir Carl, for the fax, for the lady at the business and finance, for our order at the silogan, and really got a little bit rickety while being seated. Good thing, Kuya George lent me this BRAIN TWISTER thingy after he saw me terribly sweating under the summer heat.

I'm not sure whether this stuff started once upon a time. But it was a fair thing to scramble while suffering from the long wait and suppressing impatience. The stuff costs 19.50PHP at any local store. It's fun and it made me forget the minutes that died on waiting. Killing time was much better with this BRAIN TWISTER.

It's composed of 4 chips in different shapes and sizes. All one has to do is form the shapes indicated in a guide sheet with the use of those chips. There are around 40 shapes in all to form, and not everything is as easy as it looks.

There are actually a lot of brain twisters literally speaking. But this one, being called such, is rationally entertaining and is definitely brain twisting.

Senseless waiting won't seem boring anymore.

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