Breaking the Cycle

9:55 AM

Home sweet home indeed, but still stuck with the same cycle: eat, sleep, blog, download, play, read. Repeat it 4 times for a day. I’ve never moved myself out from there, and it was idly tedious for over a week already… except for the reading part which keeps me awake at times.

Naruto Shippuuden: the manga, the bigger picture. The weekly serves of the animated series kinda turns out numb. The excitement’s desperately seeping out as an episode ends and to realize that a week is a bit lengthy to withhold the fire. Thanks to the uploaders of the manga. I’m saved from this repetitively sluggish cycle. The chapters just keep me alive! Thanks to our newly hooked broadband as well!

The manga is helping me live out the dull air. And it’s now on its 394th chapter, leaving me 17 more chapters before I shift to something else.

For the rest of the animated episodes, I’ve decided to wait ’till they empty the waitings.

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