1:08 AM

I'm back here in Dumsville. We departed late. The delay was caused by those cargoes. As always, those people follow the Filipino-time. Nah! Ambot, bisag unsaon late gyud ning mga Pinoy uy! Obviously, I'm one. Ngano man gyud ni?

We're supposed to arrive at 10pm. Since we left 1 hour late, we arrived 1 hour late also (calculations, haha). I arrived at my place by 12.30am (I'm living in a pad with a roommate). I dropped by at Kuya Rashid's place to get the keys since Kuya Allen, who ran some errands for me, gave it to him. There were some misconstructions at first since I dropped by at the wrong place after being texted that they were there. 'Twas okay though.

Dumsville still smells sullenly safe during these times, that's why I still grabbed myself a short-stop at a cafe for my mails. Haven't gone to the internet for the whole day yesterday! My LAN connections suddenly crashed down and I didn't know why. I contacted the technician yesterday, and sadly, his proposed solution was still 5 hours away. I left the CD here in Dumsville which he required me to use for the fix. I'll try fixing it later today then now that I'm here.

Enrollment is going on later today (it's currently 1.50am). Summer classes start next week. My grades are still not posted. *SIGHS, heard failing grades from my classmates and got a little bit edgy to check mine. Pasted there was still the unbelievable Stat grade (look below - The Passing Mark). They should not think of letting me chase after the teachers for my grades and should rather post those online tomorrow!

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