Facial Care

2:37 AM

I’ve gone to a facial clinic several times, and still, nothing happens to my pimples. They are still ever present in my face and seem loving it.

Vicky Belo offers the most expensive treatments on facial care in the Philippines, as far as I know, she’s the most renowned along with Dr. Calayan. My preference is just a local facial clinic located here in our small city. The mother of my high school classmate runs and owns the clinic, but we don’t get any discount. I really don’t visit there regularly, but when holidays strike, my mom pushes me to take the sharps and needles for a facial care. It’s cheaper than going for Belo’s. =P
It’s just 600php+a 150 soap. Effective? Quite, my skin’s peeling off into something new. Haha. The pimples are still present but are minimal since that facial treatment last week. Blackheads were pulled off leaving tiny holes seen when closed-up n the mirror. When I wash my face with the odd-odored soap, it feels so smooth to skin as if it leaves my face pimple-free and dump-free. The procedures was painful but 600php was quite worth it. Good thing I didn’t have any acne, it would have cost higher.

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