Finally, ATM machines!

5:05 AM

I went home at 2.30am earlier today. Having been tamed by the sullen streets, I decided to walk my way home. And then look what I found - the newly installed ATM machines!

These machines are found at the ground floor of the Portal West Building just beside the BizHub internet cafe. It's accessible from the campus and only takes a walk for a minute or 2 for those in Silliman. The ATM machines were rumored to be installed somewhere near the campus for the benefit of the students. When the building opened their first stores, the ATM machines were nowhere to be found. But look now, the rumor has come to life. 2 of the 3 installed ATM machines aren't functioning yet. They'll most likely function by the start of summer classes. Finally, we don't have to trouble the pedicab for a rush to the nearest bank in case of some urgencies. Note: the photo wasn't taken at 2.30am. I grabbed K. George's phone after some checks at the student reservations corner and let him took the shot. =D

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