Ken Lee - Tulibu Dibu Douchu!

3:30 AM

I watched this video yesterday when I visited Crissy's site. She embedded it from Youtube which was entitled Ken Lee.

KEN LEE is not a human! It's a title of a song! A Bulgarian woman auditioned in a reality TV show in Bulgaria, MUSIC IDOL, who sang this song KEN LEE. I never heard about the song, and it doesn't even seem Bulgarian. I thought Ken Lee was the artist, but when I watched the video, I found out that it was actually a song. I grabbed the video from Youtube and thought that you might want to take a look.

The song is actually Mariah Carrey's WITHOUT YOU. I don't know what happened to that Bulgarian woman. But I love the way how she made up the lyrics. TULIBU DIBU DOUCHU!!! I repeated the video for several times and I can't help myself but burst into laughter

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