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These days of upsurging innovations, the idea of internet has summoned up millions of mouse potatoes worldwide particularly in the area of online gaming. Not to mention, the invention of games after their riveting catch succeeds the development of more and more online games which are pursued not just by young individuals. The latter are mostly MMORPG, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Several have left over their NPCs in their playstations and move forward to these countless online games. Not only do they get the pleasure of burning their eyes, their chance of meeting people from various countries is widened as it does not only promote social camaraderie but diversion and leisure at once. The game tactics are creative and strategically interesting.

Some of these MMORPGs include the renowned Ragnarok, Silkroad, World of Warcraft, Ran Online, MU, Granado Espada from their various developers as Level-up and E-games. The first MMORPGS are costly due to the gaming cards accompanying it, but many have developed the alternatives while some give players the choice to buy the cards or not and still get the pleasure with lesser benefits compared with the alternative.

I play Silkroad for its excellent graphics and O2jam for the game play style. I don’t spend much over these online games but sure I play along the spare times. And good thing Silkroad is free as well as O2JAM and whichever gives me the break from the nerve-racking school requirements.

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