The Passing Mark

5:12 AM

I've been really in a rush to check my grades online for the past few days. The site got down then, but when I checked it earlier today, it's back on its toes!

**possible highest grade=4.0, passing grade=2.0. Not bad?**

And guess what, I passed my Statistics subject!! Learning it was terribly difficult. I missed several classes then while our professor took notice and graded the attendance and would have been my redemption. I failed several quizzes, and though the major exams weren't returned (or I guess I just missed the class when he returned it), I was pretty sure I added rolls. But who thought I would pass? Nobody! Haha. I got a terrible 1.7 in my midterms, missed a preliminary exam, and missed it again when I forgot to show up for the scheduled make-up. Three months later, his memory kinda averted and finally I got the make-up.

I don't know how my grade made it through the passing mark. But who cares, I never expected to pass! I call that MERCY and GRACE. I guess I'll have to wait for the rest of my grades and rejoice later or perhaps remorse. No way!

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