PBB Teen Plus

Monday, March 24, 2008

PBB is back, and it’s the teens’ turn this time. Fourteen teens from all around the Philippines with colorful lives and personalities were chosen to dwell inside the most intricate BAHAY NI KUYA. This is the second edition of PBB teens after last year’s.

Last year’s PBB teens have amassed countless offers and projects after their debut inside Big Brother’s house. Today’s housemates share different stories and lifestyles while many of them come from other countries. Compared to the first batch, Kuya’s current housemates were picked well, and Kuya seems to have a lot of surprises up in his sleeves. With some hints of what’s going to happen, the housemates started helping themselves with the adjustments while away from the outside world.

Fourteen housemates were handpicked from thousands of those who auditioned. Two of them come from Dumaguete, and one of the two is my schoolmate. One of the housemates has an impaired hearing ability and is challenged communicating inside the house. She comes from Davao City, a fellow VCF leader and is about to bring a change inside Big Brother’s House, whom I’m much more putting my interest on her among the contestants.


Anonymous said...


Gio said...

PBB - Pinoy Big Bullsh!t?

why i say so?

they say it's a "reality" tv show

reality, meaning, something that can be implemented in real life.

where f*ck do you see a group of people locked up inside a multi-color house with a freaking voice that boss you around in your everyday life?

c'mon lets be real, if you want reality, why not make a 24 hrs surveilance on someone living on his own personal life on his own personal free will?

ofcourse!, it's gunna be boring!, nothing interesting! right?!

f*ck them, tv stations only cares about their f*cking ratings.

kat said...

i admit, hadn't been a fan of this series. i only started watching this show because of the two girls from dgte. and you're right, Priscilla is a very interesting housemate.