9:45 PM

I'm leaving tomorrow back to Dumaguete for the summer class enrollment. The grades aren't still up at the website and I need it to get enrolled. Could've they crashed down or something?

I stayed at the house for the whole day and got bloggish after a quick massage. Since then, my eyes were stuck in front of the laptop, while figuring out how to execute the O2Jam patch, which until now stands unresolvable. I really don't know what's happening with it. It just keeps popping up the "Cannot Execute" dialogue box.

My day's a bit wasted. I'm still declined at Smorty's and would probably have to wait for a week or 2 before everything's set. I've devoted my time to visiting several blogs, linked them and get linked in return, installed traffics, and exposed myself further to the blogosphere. I've got two blogs up already. The other one's got indexed at google yet due to the wordpress issues against advertising stuffs, I set it aside for blogspot, but it's still up and running. The stirring moments for this year's summer is still about to happen for me. I've been reluctantly idle for days here and can't really wait to go back to the university town. Oh well, I've tasted this yogurt and only this blueberry juice flavor bit my taste buds. The rest tasted odd. Try it yourself!

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