The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

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The Loch Ness sea monster has been a legend since 1933 in Scotland. Evidences of its existence so far were just photographs and no physical appearance has proven its existence up to this day.

Yesterday, we watched the heart-warming movie, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. Based on the children's novel written by Dick Smith-King, The Water Horse tells a story about a young boy, Angus, who raised a mythical creature called the water horse. Little did he know that it was the rarest creature only to asexually reproduce through parthenogenesis, and always die after laying an egg. Angus raised the creature secretly and treated it as his best friend which he named Crusoe. But later it became difficult to hide Crusoe as it keeps on growing rapidly after it eats. His sister, Kirstie, and their male servant Lewis discovered about the water horse afterwards, and helped Angus find a way to keep the water horse hidden. As it grew bigger than they never expected, Angus was pushed to agree with Lewis to place their water horse in a much more secluded and safe place -- the nearby Loch Ness. The rest is for you to find out and appreciate.

The movie was great espescially when I observed the development of the bonds between Angus and Crusoe. The movie was produced by Walden Media, the same production that brought to us The Chronicles of Narnia. The creation of Crusoe was also made possible by the visual effects companies of the Lord of the Rings which worked with Walden Media. Aside from its visual effects, the plot was also great! The chase between Crusoe and the bulldog was funny. Crusoe was so adorable. I hate the dog, good thing it died! Haha. Don't worry, nobody else died, and it ended happily. :P I recommend it for everyone! Great movie, great plot, excellent visual effects.

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