28 Weeks Later

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Movies concerning the dead people walking on the highways are likely the most eminent ones when it comes to American horror movies. From the Resident Evil series to the Dawn of the Dead, similar movies talking about such almost share the same spice and the same bloody scenes after they make their way to scaring off the viewers on the silver screen.

Not for 28 Weeks Later though. A sequel after the long gone 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later went to the big screen to gap the unsolved viral outbreak in the previous movie. I finished the movie alone last Wednesday night and it found it exceptionally perfect and quite far to match the cliches. 28 Weeks Later may have impressed the same virus that caused the epidemic in Resident Evil and in Dawn of the Dead, but it was made entirely special compared to its relatives. Its distinctive and creative plot tells it. Confirming the reviews and hearsays, the cinematography and screenplay was also incredible.

One of the things that amazed me with this movie was the plot and the twists supporting it. The movie didn't only showcase virus-stricken humans running wild with their stunts. Even the idea of ressurection was a great idea to be crashed out making the movie rightly rational, simplistic, and non-cliche-ic. The way they did the transitions were uniquely appropriate to narrate the story although still putting it as the VIRUS-VACCINE/CURE pattern. They put it simply by having the virus-cure story revolve around the family in the movie. Some hints for a sequel was later shown at the end. I'm giving a hunch for a 28 Months later, or maybe a 29 Weeks Later sequel.

I recommend you to watch this movie. It's not a scare-off stuff to viewers, it's a zombie-movie to adore! No wonder why this movie surpassed its counterparts. It went number 1 in Briain and later got close to top in US.

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