Amadeus Mozart

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The movie wasn't bad after all. Not to mention, Mozart was superb!

We had been watching the movie Amadeus for the past 3 days in our Fine Arts class. It was a good idea as a diversion to compensate the boring sessions that started last week. Listening to several instrumental classics didn't really work on us, same thing with the nerve-wracking music analysis that only made the Wikipedia and Britannica sweep that bloody requirement to a printed paper (bleee!).

Anyway, the movie smacked us with the superb talent of Mozart. He could play the piano sideways, backwards, blind-folded, one-handed, and any way you would put him. He could even recite and master a musical piece after hearing it for some few minutes. Amazing eh?

His life wasn't that successful though. In fact, it was tragically flown from what's supposed to be expected out of his exceptional talent. He was marked as the youngest genius in music of his time until now. Among all the musicians and composers ever since history started making music, only Mozart had composed the most number of pieces that either flunked or made him plenty and famous.

I'm not even sure though if Mozart really laughed that way in the movie, indecent but amusing. Every little thing might be uninteresting after you watch the trailer, but you might just want to hear him laugh at least. He sure had been a very great musician during his time!


Ann said...

hmm..yeah, we watched that, too.. in Fine Arts, too!! hehehe

My reaction: I thought Mozart looked really.... never mind. I enjoyed it, and it is obvious since after how many years, I can still remember it. LoL

desperate blogger said...

watching mozart in your fine arts class? what school?

anyway amadeus was able to play the piano briliantly ( yong nga just by listening) by the age of three. he wrote his first concerto at age 9 and was the king's resident musician and composer.

his downfall was brought by mismanagement of his finances and by his womanizing and wayward ways. sayang talaga . he died a pauper.

pero look at it this way, all the geniuses of the past died either violently or poor. siguro that was fate.

Hazel said...

hi, just passed by and wish u a happy weekend.

Borski and Nai said...

i watched that too..heheh..the one where he farted after he made a mockery of another composer's work diba?

hehe..he is a natural..

on music, i am hopeless..saan kaya ako nung nag distribute si God ng talent sa music..heheh..joke :)

tara said...

i remember watching this movie last year. Not from one of my college subjects though. I think I was able to fish the dvd from one of Dad's collection. I can't remember much of the movie now though i remember googling for the next few days about mozart and was disappointed that the movie pictured mozart as someone who lead a very sad life. Nice movie though. But i think mozart is happier in real life. ANd he got a famous sister too. :)