It's official.

2:51 AM

After rolling over some papers that recorded all the exams and requirements we did last sem, I finally had my heart refueled from thinking wrongly on my final grade in our major. It was a splashing 2.79 (waha!). I got a midterm of 2.68 before that, and from there, I double-timed my study hours and somehow lifted it. The passing mark for major subjects is 2.5 (gabitay gyud noh?). I signed the papers and wrote the grade over my record book. Hayag na gyud akong kaugmaon, I'll be in my third year after the summer term!

Meanwhile, I just got enrolled for the summer term with three subjects on the list (Logic, Fine Arts, Psychology). Also, I got this 23-hour deficit due to my tardiness and the college required us to compensate for it during the summer term. While we spend our morning for the classes, the rest of the day will be spent working in the hospital for the deficits. With these, my blog might get extinct for a week!

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