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7:40 AM

Mr. Mangibin taught us that the subject BIOLOGY doesn't actually equal its nominal equivalent: BIOLOGY = study of life. And, it is inaccurate. Bio- in the Greek language doesn't mean life. Rather, it means THE WAY of LIFE. The Greek equivalent of LIFE however is ZOE. What he was trying to say was that, BIOLOGY shouldn't be the study of life. It should have been the STUDY OF THE WAY OF LIFE. And that today's believed STUDY OF LIFE, should have been ZOELOGY and not BIOLOGY. It does make sense even when the word BIOLOGY is believed to be the way it is for centuries already. Our teacher's kinda averted to some GREEK translations that's why we went a little far-fetched from our topic.
A Korean guy suddenly showed up in the classroom this morning. He missed the Tuesday induction. Of all the people he passed by, he went asking me for some stuffs. Sooner, since most of my classmates are freshmen and I do not know anyone of them, I partnered with him when our teacher asked us for a group seat work. That same Korean paid the papers our teacher required us to have (hehe). Although we didn't finish the seat work, I found a new friend anyway. We learned the SQ3R method of studying: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. Since I am retaking the subject right now, I didn't bother myself deeper on the topic and pondered over some other stuffs I found more interesting in the book.
----------FINE ARTS--------------------
Prof. Abrio has a good voice. He gave an excerpt of his voice during the class earlier today. All we did the whole period was listen to some classical instrumentals and listen to a few popular music. We compared their difference; we gave the textures of the music and learned that there are actually three textures of music (polyphonic, monophonic, and homophonic). The pieces of Mozart somewhat made me a bit drowsy. It was my first time to hear its complete version. I don't know what it's called, but it was his famous one among his masterpieces.

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