A long weekend

11:30 PM

Friday ended with the first youth service in our church for the summer. There were a mix of old and new faces around. From there, the night continued at John's house. We were gathered there for a 15-minute walk to a nearby beach the next day, and had the rest of the night helped with playing cards, pancit canton and fried pusit, and some snickers that went almost unending until we were forced to finally doze off.

By 4am, after 2 hours of sleep, we braved the dark pathway leading to the beach. We arrived just to be tamed by drowsiness again. It was too dark to take the plunge, and the water sure looked scary. I laid down and slept while the others took their time to wait for the sunrise. For the next 45 minutes, the sun slowly gave the sky the vivid colors. I woke the others and then hopped for a dip.


Sidney White was good. Yes, I never slept after those pictures were taken. I went home, took a bath, and set off to Amigo for a stay. There was supposed to be an evaluation meeting on Friday's youth service but everybody seemed tired (except me) and postponed the agendum. There was nothing else to do. Saturday means blank in the morning, and ministry in the afternoon. It was still 9am, when finally I chanced over I-don't-know-who's pirated Sidney White DVD. Whoever you are who worship piracies, you got a wise head.

It's showing in our local movie house since last week. But the copy I found then was a good one. The audio was good, and the video was clear. And that DVD, amongst the other sissy ones was great. I found it very funny with a good plot and some few lessons. The movie is about SIDNEY WHITE, a college freshman, a Kappa Phi Nu legacy, who braved the odds on changing everyone's perspectives on individuality, humanness, and true friendship.


We planned for the music video at the lib lobby by 3pm. We can't think of any song, and our creativity was pulled down when we came up with ripping off Marie Digby's Stupid For You. This music video is our requirement in our Fine Arts class. We have to come up with our own song composition in a music video. And do you know that he's just given us a week to fix everything? I hope he'll recognize us as the same human as him. Well anyway, here is that song.


Everyone was busy. The people were setting up the place, the Kids Ministry was planning for the kids' service, the music team was loud and lively, and ther others were working over some stuffs at the office. I was fixing the ID for the kids, I ran errands, and I enjoyed every single minute when there was nothing else to do but honor God with all those. I was cutting some papers, then I was left to guard the office. I was enjoying the WiFi, then the office was crammed with thunderous laughters. Problems were solved, things were set, we took off together for dinner, enjoyed the rest of the night and rested.


Sunday. Everyone was still busy for some finishing touches. I was much strained over the recurring dents the movie file I downloaded earlier that day. Some scenes were lacking and it didn't went through the end. I rushed to the nearest computer shop, downloaded the video again, and finally had something to show to the kids. The Wi-Fi at the church slowed down and didn't help either.

The afternoon went up next and we watched STEP UP 2 at Ana's house. It was the second movie I watched on modern street dancing after Jessica Alba's lead on HONEY. Man, the movie was spectacular!!! We can't help ourselves by just rolling the eyes. We stood up and yarned ourselves to laughter imitating the dance steps in the movie. The casts did great! I knew how to dance in elementary but I don't know what happened now, and I kinda got green-eyed after watching the movie. Joana grabbed the movie from somewhere and was apparently playing clever on illicit stuffs. GRABE CHUY GYUD KAAYO NI NGA MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! =P


By 4pm, we went back to the center. I hopped over to preach in front of the Kids again, and it was very fun, especially with the new kid, Mico. He was so cute and did amuse me after the service. After the service, he asked me if he could come back the next day. I told him Kids Church is only on Sundays. He apparently was having fun and was wanting to come back. There were only 7 kids that time, and we managed to feed them with the games and God's word.


And that was the longest weekend for April.

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