Ramiele Malubay

2:55 PM

I had the few last strips of my day nearly cracked. The squeaky noise caused by those DOTA gamers way back at the computer shop got me irritated.

Good thing Ramiele was there. She isn't my girlfriend, nor am I a die-hard fan of hers. I just knew her yesterday from a blog and began liking her when I heard her voice. And she's got a very, very good one. Ramiele Malubay is a Filipino who just stepped herself in the infamous American Idol. And she's still on the remaining contestants competing for the title of American Idol. Proud to be Pinoy?

Ramiele's voice went chocolaty in my ears after repeating her song several times. Haha, yeah right, I'm almost enrolling myself to becoming her die-hard fan but I would never wanna end there. I just love her voice! Listen. She's also cute! =D

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