Some bad news

5:54 PM

Although SMORTY and GOOGLE heard the rants I posted here and approved my blog, there are still the bad news wanting to be posted as well.

1.) Ramiele Malubay got eliminated in American Idol. Pero sisikat siya pag umuwi siya ng Pilipinas.
2.) Some drivers in my laptop got corrupted which calls for a reformat. I can't connect to the Internet since the LAN drivers were the ones corrupted. And I don't know the reasons behind it.
3.) Yussif is leaving for Singapore, and I will not be there for his despedida hang-out in Dumaguete since I'm back here in our hometown.
4.) Our desktop computer's crashed as well. The monitor has finally given up after 5 years of service and we're going to spend off some bucks again to buy a new one. My mom's gonna need it for her work.
5.) I travelled back home yesterday and will be staying here for 3 days before I go back to Dumsville for the class. And there's a laborers' strike at the pier in Dumaguete which means they're shut down for the week.

I already bought a ticket earlier today and the trip's going to be delayed. They'll be leaving at 11pm on Sunday instead of its regular departure at 5pm; the travel will be slowed down to 9 hours instead of its regular 5 hours; and the boat is docking at some pier about an hour away from Dumaguete, which is the most annoying. The least is, SMORTY's made me happy anyway.

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