Summer Class and Psychology

2:55 AM

Our Logic teacher is cool, our Fine Arts professor is funny, and our Psychology class doesn't seem boring. Classes started last Tuesday and so far, I got a few things on hand already. I adore our Logic teacher. He is much like similar to our previous Philosophy teacher. Despite his first year of teaching, he went well with his first two lectures. He was the confident newbie with a sharp mind. I got some guys from last last semester's block, so the past 2 days weren't hushed and jokingly naive, except for Psychology.

It's my second time to be taking the same Psychology subject. I failed last last year. Hehe, I woke up late during a midterm exam, missed it, and was snubbed for a make-up. Though that teacher was a bit egocentric, the grudge I momentarily gobbled because of it passed away after a month of remorse. Well, it was really my fault though, but his impassive face really made me sick, to think that he once approved my excuse and assured me for a special exam yet missed to show-up during the scheduled. When I asked him again for it, he went refusing and forgot me. Can't blame him though, it was really my fault for not waking up on time, haha. And that's the story why I'm retaking the subject.

This time, I got a different professor. Everyone in the classroom are freshmen. I seem to be the only irregular around. I look naive, I play introvert, and I seldom make any noise. But during the time our teacher asked us to write something about ourselves, my mouth was suddenly thrown down. We were to write it in an intermediate paper, and unfortunately, I didn't bring any. That's when I made a voice and boldly asked for a paper from my seat mate. =P

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