Tomb of the Lost Raider

4:48 PM

The very first reason why I liked the first 2 "Mummy" movies was because of Rachel Weisz. Now that she's removed, I really don't think I'll watch the movie without her. Bello seems unfit as the substitute. Weisz was already excellent. She was gorgeous and brilliant way back then. And I also like her accent.

The Mummy returns with its 3rd sequel, Tomb of the Lost Raider. This time, they're off to some Chinese fortunes. The movie stars Jet Li and might probably act as the villain or the mummy himself. The trailer's not yet released though, but I caught this video at Daily Motion interviewing Frasier coming back for the third installation of the series. Aside from Weisz, I love the way they twisted the plot in the previous movies. It didn't hit well, but the movies so far fairly went well to me. So probably I'm still going to watch it even without Weisz.

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