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5:13 AM

There are a lot of ways to earn money online, and one of it is blogging. Instead of just writing to express, why not blog for money. It's just a keyboard away that requires a small part of your working brain. With a creative mind and a diligent attitude, blogging is the right thing to set those pockets filled.

Smorty is one of those networks that connects advertisers and bloggers. Their advertisers pay bloggers for commenting and posting their opinions on their products with links back to the advertisers' sites. Both advertisers and bloggers benefit the services provided by Smorty. While advertisers pay bloggers to earn, bloggers get paid for blogging the advertisers' products and make money in return. Now, your blog isn't just the typical compartment for all your rants and blabbers. In fact, your blog can already earn some bucks for you. So don't keep those keyboards idle for a long time. Move over the tedious browses in the web and start earning.

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