The 1,700PHP lesson

3:26 PM

I'm not promoting this cellphone here, and this is not a paid post.

I bought the phone 6 months ago after my Motorolla broke down. I was contented with it compared to the slow paced E3810. But to my dismay, I never thought it would just last 6 months after a clumsy encounter with the unexpected. It got lost 2 days ago. I'm not even sure how it actually got lost. I just found it out after a stupid realization that it was no longer in my pocket. Bla bla bla, well somebody got it. We ringed the phone. For a split second, there were voices, then it was hanged up. Again, we ringed it, and again, it was hanged up. Then again we ringed it, and again, it was hanged up. And then the operator took over after the next attempts.

It was cheap, and I loved it. =(

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