3 more days!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Malapit na ang Campus Harvest. Mukuyog ko, mukuyog ka?!?!?!?! Still praying for my funds!


Vincent Bautista said...

Yo! I'm back from my trip! hehehe. ^_^

What's Campus Harvest? I'm so not updated hahaha! Well what ever it is hope you have fun! ^_^

AlRitch said...

wala diay ka nagsign-up ug sponsored reviews? Daghan kaayo opportunities didtoa. Magbid bid lang ka.

Mao ni link oh: Buy Reviews

Visit ang link ha..hehehehehe..referral nah siya..

wendy said...

hi sendo =)

bro, am declaring na ung next post mo would be about how you were blessed and what you learned from that conference!!!