The AI Playlist

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I seldom watch American Idol, but the showcase the contestants got in the show just fascinate me. I found this playlist containing the studio versions of the songs sang in the currently ongoing and nearly ending season of American Idol. I guess this is the only playlist around the network so I have it here shared for everyone. Brook White was the recent minus bringing down the show to 4 contenders. And I'm putting my bet to David Archuleta.


Mira said...

Hey, I'm so into AI. However, I'm for David Cook all the way. I don't have anything against Archuleta, I think he's got legions of fans too. I like him too, but I like to see the other David wins. *wink* Let's have a bet, LOL.
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Vincent Bautista said...

Yeah that's what I'm talking about. Don't worry your money is safe! I know that David Archuleta will win hahaha! ^_^

But the other David is also a tough cookie!