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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kuya Jaydee asked me to make a logo for there Wellness Center in Davao. He phoned me over and gave me a week to finish it. I finished the thing yesterday after an hour of swinging the cursor over the photoshop canvas. The concepts scrambled in my mind got me a bit edgy on what to produce. Finally, I came up with the stuff. Wasn't that good though, but K. Jaydee endorsed the thing, and so did the faculty. It's just a surprise to have my work reach Davao.


A Simple Life said...

ang galing mo pala gumawa ng logo huh, gawan mo rin ako hahaha.

happy weekend my ninja friend :)

Vincent Bautista said...

hello Sendo! Love the logo! Wow ang talented mo naman! Ninja, tutor, graphic artist, blogger, student nurse, what else could you do? hehehe.

Keep it up my friend!