Payday and DOTA

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I got 500php yesterday after a week of tutorial. From few extensions, to lengthy conversations; from Coke a Cola Zero to DOTA gaming; from nouns to articles; from interests to future plans, we've actually gone a long way already. And next week, I'm giving Roy an exam. After every session, I always got worried if he really understood the lectures. Sometimes, he just had this tendency to just nod on everything yet leave things uncleared and baffled.

I got 500php instead of 410php. He reasoned that it's because of the extensions we added to our lectures the past few days. It really wasn't a big deal to me, and the normal charges would have been fine. But he insisted.

Roy's been inviting me to play DOTA ever since he discovered that I know how to play it. Although I suck at it, the game went fine and the comments I got weren't those I expected to receive. "You're good Sesi". "Nice game Sesi".

Dahan, maayo na nuon kog kalit. For that seemingly bogus compliment, I took there invitation to play the game again. This time, there were 10 of us, 5 vs. 5. I was the only Filipino in the game, the rest were Koreans. It was was actually very entertaining to even say it ironically! I always got killed, I always got the worst Hero, and I hadn't killed any. Our team didn't even win in the game after 2 rounds. Well Roy meant it when he said he sucked at DOTA too, but he was far better than I did last night. Anyway, thanks for your bonus, hehe.

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monica said...

nice.. payday! burger! burger! hehe.. ei thanks sa comment. tc! :)

terrence said...

its always feels nice if your compensated for a job and much feel better if given bonus that means you made a good job. keep it up and as monica said burger! burger! burger! hehehhe and thanks for the comment too!

Kikey said...

good for you!! :)

desperate blogger said...

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my old link might be any of these

and life goes on



Ann said...

hawud kaau... panglibre pud! :D

wanderingcommuter said...

sana marunojng din ako mag dota at may din ako. hahahha

Tanya said...

Hi Bro, mukhang nakalimutan mo akong i linked a. Pls link me as well.

Florence said...

Hi there, would you like to exchange links?


lunes said...

saya ng payday. wala ng mas sasaya pa. at may bayad pa ang OT mo.hmmm..

mga kapatid ko rin. dota lang ginagawa ngaung bakasyon.wehehe.

Vincent Bautista said...

Galing naman! Good for you! Congrats on your pay day hehehe. ^_^

Ei Sendo could you please delete my link sa My Nurses Notes?

Sadly I'm going to abandon that blog to die... harsh noh? hehehe.

Please add my new blog nalang @

It's called Angel in the Sickroom Thanks po! ^_^

GONG said...

Bai, just a reaction...9 koreans and 1 pinoy, playing DOTA? im quite surprised. Daghan na gyud diay foreign studes dinha. anyway, Good for you! 500php really means your good.