Payday and DOTA

7:08 AM

I got 500php yesterday after a week of tutorial. From few extensions, to lengthy conversations; from Coke a Cola Zero to DOTA gaming; from nouns to articles; from interests to future plans, we've actually gone a long way already. And next week, I'm giving Roy an exam. After every session, I always got worried if he really understood the lectures. Sometimes, he just had this tendency to just nod on everything yet leave things uncleared and baffled.

I got 500php instead of 410php. He reasoned that it's because of the extensions we added to our lectures the past few days. It really wasn't a big deal to me, and the normal charges would have been fine. But he insisted.

Roy's been inviting me to play DOTA ever since he discovered that I know how to play it. Although I suck at it, the game went fine and the comments I got weren't those I expected to receive. "You're good Sesi". "Nice game Sesi".

Dahan, maayo na nuon kog kalit. For that seemingly bogus compliment, I took there invitation to play the game again. This time, there were 10 of us, 5 vs. 5. I was the only Filipino in the game, the rest were Koreans. It was was actually very entertaining to even say it ironically! I always got killed, I always got the worst Hero, and I hadn't killed any. Our team didn't even win in the game after 2 rounds. Well Roy meant it when he said he sucked at DOTA too, but he was far better than I did last night. Anyway, thanks for your bonus, hehe.

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