A Long Week Schedule

9:11 AM

Schedules? Appointments? Dang, beating the deadlines and pressures is sure the hardest thing for a college student like me, not to mention how procrastination gets in the line there and unknowingly. Anyway, I got tagged by Mira with this list of things to do that's expected go get criss-crossed anytime this week. And I hope, not even an item will get left behind.

Here goes my week long schedule:
  1. Make a blog layout for Kuya Leisther which was supposed to be done yesterday. =P
  2. Make a preaching for this Friday's youth service.
  3. Study a long chapter in Psychology for this Thursday's exam;
  4. Research about the arts in the middle age period for our Visual Arts;
  5. Make a test paper for Roy's examination tomorrow;
  6. Clean the room, everything's really gone a bit messy;
  7. Preach on Friday;
  8. Meet with the Kids' Church staff anytime this week for this Sunday's mother's day;
  9. PAYDAY on Friday!
  10. Study Logic and compensate for the lesson I absented, I heard topics are getting difficult - ;
  11. Mail Chammy's scrub suits and MedSurg book;
  12. Fetch mom at the airport on Thursday;
  13. Beach on Saturday;
  14. Prepare the center for the Kids' Church service on Sunday.
  15. One-to-one with Mashi
  16. Meet Yussif for a talk anytime this week;
  17. Fix the tWS website and do my job =P;
  18. Make a new layout for the blog
  19. Get book from Kuya Rashid he recommended me to read.
  20. Tutor Roy of course;
  21. Fetch Bruce's laundry on Wednesday 5pm;
  22. Get USB flashdrives from Kuya Rashid, K. Keith;
  23. Get my bag and some shirts left at Amigo Subd.;
  24. Hang-out with Janjoe and the significant others (haha) anytime this week;
  25. Return the "Inconvenient Truth" CD which is already overdue;
  26. Allowance arrives on Friday;
  27. Pay Eden 100php on Friday;
  28. Tithe on Friday;
  29. Pay laundry service on Friday;
  30. Pay ENLI anytime this week;
  31. Make the T-shirt design Joy asked me to do;
  32. Give exam to Roy on Wednesday;
  33. Nighttimes are meant for reading...
  34. Mon-Fri <--- 7.30-9-Logic, 9.00-10.30-Psychology, 10.30-12nn-Visual Arts
I hope everything gets done this week. Thanks for the tag Mira! I'm tagging Anne, Portia, Dru, Marilyn, Jenn, and Vincent w/ this.

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