A Long Week Schedule

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Schedules? Appointments? Dang, beating the deadlines and pressures is sure the hardest thing for a college student like me, not to mention how procrastination gets in the line there and unknowingly. Anyway, I got tagged by Mira with this list of things to do that's expected go get criss-crossed anytime this week. And I hope, not even an item will get left behind.

Here goes my week long schedule:
  1. Make a blog layout for Kuya Leisther which was supposed to be done yesterday. =P
  2. Make a preaching for this Friday's youth service.
  3. Study a long chapter in Psychology for this Thursday's exam;
  4. Research about the arts in the middle age period for our Visual Arts;
  5. Make a test paper for Roy's examination tomorrow;
  6. Clean the room, everything's really gone a bit messy;
  7. Preach on Friday;
  8. Meet with the Kids' Church staff anytime this week for this Sunday's mother's day;
  9. PAYDAY on Friday!
  10. Study Logic and compensate for the lesson I absented, I heard topics are getting difficult - ;
  11. Mail Chammy's scrub suits and MedSurg book;
  12. Fetch mom at the airport on Thursday;
  13. Beach on Saturday;
  14. Prepare the center for the Kids' Church service on Sunday.
  15. One-to-one with Mashi
  16. Meet Yussif for a talk anytime this week;
  17. Fix the tWS website and do my job =P;
  18. Make a new layout for the blog
  19. Get book from Kuya Rashid he recommended me to read.
  20. Tutor Roy of course;
  21. Fetch Bruce's laundry on Wednesday 5pm;
  22. Get USB flashdrives from Kuya Rashid, K. Keith;
  23. Get my bag and some shirts left at Amigo Subd.;
  24. Hang-out with Janjoe and the significant others (haha) anytime this week;
  25. Return the "Inconvenient Truth" CD which is already overdue;
  26. Allowance arrives on Friday;
  27. Pay Eden 100php on Friday;
  28. Tithe on Friday;
  29. Pay laundry service on Friday;
  30. Pay ENLI anytime this week;
  31. Make the T-shirt design Joy asked me to do;
  32. Give exam to Roy on Wednesday;
  33. Nighttimes are meant for reading...
  34. Mon-Fri <--- 7.30-9-Logic, 9.00-10.30-Psychology, 10.30-12nn-Visual Arts
I hope everything gets done this week. Thanks for the tag Mira! I'm tagging Anne, Portia, Dru, Marilyn, Jenn, and Vincent w/ this.

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jenn_US said...

thanks for this tag. ill sure grab and post this.

Vincent Bautista said...

Yo reporting for debriefing! Mission was a success Hokage! hehehe.

Do Tag... check!
Tell Sendo... check!


Dana said...

hey, Sendo! What a hectic schedule you have this week:)

dru said...

w0w...very so long week schedule... I wish I can execute all of my sked

francesca said...

i'll give u 2 thumbs up for coping up with your very hectic schedule. hinay lang, bawal magkasakit! XD

desperateblogger said...

dude, out of curiosity, how many of the tasks were you able to do?

Jericho said...

so many things to do ... so little time ...

coolingstar9 said...

As a student, you have a lot of pressure as well, just face it and overcome all barrier.
Have a nice day.
From: coolingstar9

dru said...

speaking of plan, you have a tag from me related on this topic... just check it if you like... here's the link http://melifeworld.blogspot.com/2008/05/my-sunday-plan-may-11-2008.html

Did You Know? said...

blog hopping.. can we exchange links??? plsreply

Bryan said...

nice blog. . you will be very productive. .