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The one who serves profits the most.

Earlier this evening, 14 men went over a discussion of matters concerning the church as a whole. Everything was laid upon by 14 minds: working, praying, believing. It was a bad thing that many of the men missed it. That leadership meeting convicted 14 hearts, looking forward to greater things as God's hands mold His church to fulfill His purpose.

The subject was mainly on teamwork: ministries united, conflicts fixed, and prayer and and counseling was stressed. It was a qualitative 2-hour meeting for all of us. We've wiped things over and settled everything, and in the end we were all greatly encouraged.

Luke 22:25-27 served as the Scripture for the meeting. It was about the 12 apostles competing for what seemed not worth it: talking about who'll succeed most, who'll get over the other, and basically, who gets far off serving the ministry. Jesus said, "The greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules, like the one who serves". It's figurative, and is sure understandable. Authority is exercised not the way the world sees it. We could basically be effective leaders if we know what's really meant by the word authority. It isn't given for the people to call the shots, it's what leads those who possess it to rule as like the one who serves.

There is a leader among leaders, and he listens, he levels among everyone else. For organization, his authority is submitted to everyone else's authority. God basically is the center of those authorities, and nothing's conflicting if everything's settled the right way in Him with the right motives. It is just one way, and it's not absolute, there are several things to call and make leaders effective. But basically, what could lead us to collapse as a team is when authority is misplaced. And we've got a clear view of it then.

Video from Igniter Media - via YouTube

When everything was wrapped up, it all boiled down to serving in unity, teamwork the way the video says it, points all taken.

The leadership in the ministry will work if everyone will do their parts. It's all covered up in 1Corinthians 12:12-27.

14 hearts are now all the more fired up, ready to spread the word to the missing guys hehe. Where were they? =D

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