What is Campus Harvest?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Campus Harvest is the official student conference of Every Nation Campus Ministries, annually drawing students and campus ministers from around the world.

The purpose of Campus Harvest is to impart vision and equip students to reach every student in every campus in every nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

(copied and pasted from CH08)

Mukuyog ko. Mukuyog ka? Bisag wala pa gyud koy kwarta.
(I will go. Will you go? Although I don't have the funds yet.)


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From the Eyes of my Heart said...

just believe bro!! the provision is on its way!!! basta makakapunta ka!!! =)

Dana-Debbie said...

GO, GO,GO!!!

Vincent Bautista said...

Ah so this is Campus Harvest!!! Just got the chance to scroll down now hehehe bad me.

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