Happy Fathers' Day

1:27 PM

I woke up early to finish the Fathers' Day video as a tribute for our fathers in our church. I also owned the preaching for the Kids Church today, as I spent the next hour reading the Kids' manual. There was one part there that said, "Share an experience with your father etc. etc..." I skipped that part. I knew I can't fool myself and make a lie to the kids just to get to follow it. Duh, I'm authorized to skip anything for something else, and that's what I did.

The kids were hilarious. I was asking them how they honor their dads, and their answers were very heart-warming, having to learn that those statements were spoken by 6, 7, 8, 12 yrs olds. They had fun, so did I, and I was very encouraged as well.

I grew up not realizing that Fathers' Day existed. I was close to being homeless, family-less, undetermined and chaotic, and was never aware of the latter for 12 years. Everyone kept joking around while they enjoyed that special day with their celebrants. I was puzzled if I ever had one to celebrate it. And no one around me was qualified...and authentic (EMO mode hahaha).

Well, the day came when I got to make use of the greeting, "Happy Fathers' Day". And today is my 7th greeting to my dad. My phone was off the whole day, so I got to greet him by the end of the day. He's mentioned that he's been reading my blog entries after all this time, haha. I never thought my dad's my number one reader here! HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to you Sir, I love you Boss, hehehe!

Like what everyone's mocking me of (that I look like a dad, talk like a dad, act like a dad), I surely will become one to celebrate this day, and I want to hear 4 gentle voices greeting me a Happy Fathers' Day.

HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to you dad, and to all the fathers out there! =D

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