I was fatherly today

1:06 PM

Haha. I really think I'm prepared to become a father someday. That's why I kept telling everyone to marry at 25. It's the safest and the best age.

Today, a few people made me feel like I'm already a father, hahaha. I have always wanted to become one, but not now! Carrying our pastor's cute little youngster earlier this evening was making me imagine my own son. Hahahaha!

1.) Right after I preached the word in the Kids church, Dominic, 9 yrs. old, approached me smiling and said, "Tell me a story...tell me a story..." I asked him what story. He said, "...about Jesus". At para akong tatay na nagpapatulog ng anak.

2.) Mashi, my follow-up disciple, was mentioning to me his new interest in basketball, that some of his friends are inviting him to join their team. I told him to focus on one sport only since it would already be quite a load since he's already a full-time player of a soccer team, and he's got his academics to prioritize. He tapped me on the lap and and made me feel like a father to him. He said, "Good advise".

3.) I was lining up at Food Net for my turn when I heard my phone beeped. I borrowed Joana's battery so that I could call my dad. Text messages kept coming, and one, which was from Kert, went with a Happy Fathers' greeting for me. "Are you kidding me you kiddo!? Greet your father, not me". Hahahaha.

4.) While I was throwing some questions to the kids during Kids Church service, Caleb, 7 yrs old, was pulling me over so that he could sit on my lap. I told him to get down because I'll get something, but he insisted that I don't. Pambihira, tatay na talaga dating ko.

5.) My other churchmate whose father died a year ago lent me her father's clothes. She told me that it would be my costume for the skit that we would be playing for the congregation after the preaching. Right after we were done with the skit, she gave me a weeping look and said, "You really look like my father".

Wahaha, everyone's prophesying about my future! I wonder how many kids I'll have someday, hahahaha. Wala lang, just some funny encounters on Fathers' Day, hehe.

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