Life to the FULL while you're young

8:19 AM

Campus Harvest wasn't just packed with excellent production numbers and superb praise and worship. The highlights of the whole event were the preachings. Everything was very encouraging and convicting. The preaching of Patrick Mercado with Mark Muleta was the most uplifting among it all. Mark Muleta was awesome, not to mention that he is living Life to the Full at a very young age (14 yrs. old). He started preaching to his friends since he was 9, has led outreach groups, and has raised leaders that are currently convicted in helping him and glorifying God in reaching out to the lost. I was so inspired right after he took Patrick's microphone and spoke in front of 4,000 students that day. Living Life to the FULL at his very young age, Mark Muleta, I believe, will be able to reach out not only to people but to nations. Listen to the preaching by clicking the PLAY button below.

Life to the Full While You're Young
By Patrick Mercado and Mark Muleta

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