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One week just passed by, and now, there's a long array of requirements to do and some things, which I think are foolishness, to accomplish. I hate Nursing: I hate Nursing the subject, Nursing the course, Nursing the baby, Nursing the people, Nursing the un-nursed, Nursing whatsoever (char, haha)! If I ever happened to be Hiro Nakamura, I sure I've warped time by now.

Anyway, I will be rotated in the LR-DR (Labor Room, Delivery Room) in a hospital they call NOPH. That would mean I'll be assisting women on labor, seeing nasty things, bathing with blood, seeing a living organism coming out from the female genitalia, and anything else disgusting you could guess out of it. Wahhhh!

They say it's exciting. Yeah it is, and it's also disgusting. Yeah, yeah , yeah, it's a miracle to see a living thing come out from different female genitalia. And you also can't separate the fact that getting soaked in blood is nasty, stinky, and again, disgusting. Ang arte ko noh? Ayaw ko lang talaga ng dugo. Tingin ko ako ay may DUGOPHOBIA...haha ang korny.

Well, you might be wondering why I took up nursing and at the same time despise it. My mom forced me that's all. She pays for everything, di na ko kapalag, haha. I really wanted to take up Information Technology or Mass Communication. Ah, ngano mienter.

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