Unwind with Kung Fu Panda

Thursday, June 26, 2008

So my next paper is hampered until next week. Wahh, thank goodness, a little air's cooling me down a bit.

I LOVE KUNG FU PANDA! The movie was so AWESOME that we had it screened twice. We were all giggling before an adorable panda, Po. The script was really written well, not to mention the animation was AWESOME!!!

Indeed, there's no charge for awesomeness and attractiveness, because 50php didn't turn out to be a heartache after a twofold view and amusement of it. And again, Po the panda was cute and absolutely hilarious! Although the plot was as simple as blowing a candle.

We had a return demonstration the whole morning for all the procedures related to our rotation in the hospital. Got really exhausted. It was good in the afternoon though. We were dismissed right after a test. Ate outside then watched Kung Fu Panda with the guys in the class. I was really loosened from school stuffs with the movie.


TENTAY™ said...

Dami nagsasabi maganda Kunfu Panda.. ma try nga. hehehe =)

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

I just wonder, do you have anything to do with Kung-Fu? Have you studied Martial Arts before?

I used to be a taekwondo red belter... Haha, that was long time ago though!

Nice visiting your blog, come visit mine =)

lunes said...

napanood ko na rin KUNG FU FANDA at ang cute ni KUNG FU FAGONG ung master nila. ayan binigyan naming pangalan ng mga kasama kong nanood.

cute ung storyline kaso mejo maikli.

"there's no secret"


lunes said...

ala nawala ung una kong komento.

basta "there's no secret"

yan ung naalala ko sa film.

maganda story niya kaso bitin.wehehe.

Eyebags said...

hmm..kumusta rito?? bc??

kat said...

hay, i missed the movie. sayang.. magdownload nalang nya ko.

Hazel said...

nice panda..

rgbconnections said...

Good day! ;) Exchange links? I've already added you on my blogroll..thanks ahead! :)

Outback-Pinay said...

oh, I haven't seen this movie yet. I might grab one later sa shop.

Passing by here pla :-) enjoy your day sendo!

GONG said...

Ey bro, i love this movie so much. My two kids loved it more. In fact, i have memorized a lot of dialogs in it already, yah, after watching it a HUNDRED times...medyo bitin lang ang awesomeness ni Po. I think "Tailan's" prison escape was much more Awesome.