Whereabouts and What-abouts

10:23 PM

Been very busy lately, and at the same time, tired and lazy, not to mention this blog's left silent the past few weeks. And here I am now, robbing a little of a minute from which I suppose my study hour.

These are the things that added up to being ME this week including today's blackout and typhoon. And also, my first exposure in the Labor Room slash Delivery Room.

1.) Haven't slept well due to some paper works. Seriously, I haven't slept yet today.
2.) Watched Narnia last week for the second time, and I still loved it so much.
3.) Got a new haircut. 150php gave me a better look than the previous one, haha.
4.) Just got to the LR-DR today - was disgusted and was amazed at the same time - seeing a life form coming out from the female reproductive organ was amazing! Hallelujah!!
5.) Youth service was great last Friday, and seemingly interesting plans are popping up for the next gigs. Met a lot of new faces!
6.) Watched the Bourne trilogy in VCDs, and I can't believe I missed it in the cinemas. It was great!
7.) Been loaded with heavy books lately, and my eyes are seemingly getting incredibly diligent since the past few days..not to mention --- miraculously!
8.) My new CI group is going fine. Several pretty ladies, few odd guys, and a clinical instructor's that's puzzled us of what's up her sleeves.
9.) I am excited for the volunteer weekend, hehe, and I am excited for KIDS CHURCH!!!!!!!!!
10.) I am a schoolboy, and all I was up with the past few days was did what a schoolboy does - do paper works, listen to boring lectures or rather pretend to listen to boring teachers, take down notes and nonsense chatters, eat snacks (my favorite), get damned with the heat, the strong wind, then get colds. Haha, I better rename this blog into -- SENDO THE SCHOOLBOY.

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