I love Kids Church

1:19 PM

10 reasons why I love KIDS CHURCH

  1. Because the kids are adorable
  2. Because they don't know how to obey simple rules
  3. Because they answer the wrong questions
  4. Because they get bored with Barney! (yes!)
  5. Because they run like they've never ran in their life
  6. Because I don't know why some of them always want to go to the comfort room
  7. Because they ask for a glass of water and do not drink it
  8. Because they only participate when there are rewards
  9. Because I love working with the Kids Church staff
  10. Because I'm passionate in reaching out the next generation to change the world

Why does Kids Church exist?
To reach out the next generation to change the world.

We teach them, we disciple them, introducing Christ-like values that will equip them to become leaders in reaching out and changing the world. =D

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