The Debut

10:09 AM

18 Reasons why I attended this DEBUT

1.) Because she (I mean the celebrant/debutant/lady) invited me
2.) I was part of the 18 roses
3.) But of course....FOOD!
4.) Because I was forced to come
5.) Then again, FOOD!
6.) Because I valued her invitation
7.) Whoa, lots of FOOD in this celebration!
8.) My friends told me so
9.) Her dad personally invited me
10.) I received an invitation letter
11.) My name was listed as part of the 18 roses
12.) Man, I was there because of the FOOD!
13.) She was my high school classmate and I just wanted to be part of her lady-becoming (duh, you were ever since you came to puberty)
14.) I thought the food would be great, and it really was
15.) Her dad really wanted me to.
16.) My mom said I should
17.) I think because I had the free time
18.) I was actually there because of the FOOD!

Happy Birthday Anj! Really appreciate the invitation...and yeah, the FOOD!!!! Hehe, Happy 18th Birthday again! Enjoy Womanhood.

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