Farewell LR-DR

9:29 AM

The day the College of Nursing declared a 1-week break was the same day our LR-DR rotation ended. I had the hardest time adjusting in that work area, but within it contained one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. Despite the stress and starvation, working in the LR-DR was fun and worthwhile.

The LR-DR (Labor Room-Delivery Room) was the only place I've known to draw out the best picture of human-becoming: its humble beginnings and its remarkable preamble to the muddled world. Everytime we set ourselves inside the area seemed like the greatest privilege we ever had. Indeed sickening at first, I eventually came to realize the value of life and appreciate the effort my mom laid down before me in the face of such painful impression of laboring.

We ended our rotation satisfied yet wanting more to study and see how life is being brought about by such complicated process: from the moment it is yielded as an embryo to the time we take part of endorsing the most valuable thing of all, LIFE. How I wish I'll have the rest of my training in this area.

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