Founder's Day

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Founder's Day is one of the highlighted events in Silliman University, not just to Sillimanians, but to the entire residents of Dumaguete. It's much more known as the Hibalag Festival, wherein people from different corners of Dumaguete, outside Dumaguete, and around the world gather to commemorate such event. One of the most exciting events much anticipated by many, the SU Founder's Day is also undoubtedly one of the most highly budgeted event of the university. The said event will run for 7 days with all its surprises readied to gear everyone in excitement.

Got a few photos taken by Bruce from last night's opening.

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GONG said...

Bai, i cant tell you enough how missed my college days...labi na kung founder's day. Kung wala founder's day, dili ko maka court sa akong wife hantud karon. hehehe...basta, enjoy your school days to the maxx. ky kung mu work naka, maglilsod naka ug join sa founder's day.