Kids Ministry on its Team Building!

12:58 PM

August 25th - holiday - not a university holiday but a national holiday.

My week started out great with this team building. The fact that the food wasn't really that enough, the fun-packed bustles crammed in and finished the day worth it. The venue was good. We were first to be there and the weather seemed to have cooperated that day. The sea was clean and was great enough for a long plunge after the activities.

Some Kids teachers missed this day. It was really worthwhile, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed everything. There were a lot of new faces in the group, new volunteers and newly raised up kids teachers who shared the fun that day.

The rain caught us for quite a while. So far it didn't wreck our day. The downpour just just went over for a visit then took off to somewhere else.

The lunch was composed of grilled pork chops for each head. One piece of pork chop wasn't that satisfying for us men, that's why when the extra pork chops were grilled, we hurriedly threw our hands over the plates and grabbed one. Only a few of the women grabbed for another one, but most of them had enough with only a piece of it. =D

Geejay, Adonis and Mel helped out with the food. Thanks guys, nabusog ra mi bisag kuwang haha.


This is the Filipino way, KAMAYAN, wherein we use our hands instead of the usual spoon and fork. =P

Then came the PINIPIG. Siyempre nung bumili yung isa, gaya naman lahat - still the Filipino way, waha.


Then the games. TUG OF WAR.

I was wearing that big yellow shirt in honor of our team, The Yellow Team.

Me versus them, hahaha.

The small groups followed. The small groups were designed to equip the new members with what's inside the Kids Ministry, orient them on the reality of the ministry, the vision, the mission, and get to know each other.

More games

The activities ended with the War Game! Everyone was wet and wild right after the rain joined in the turmoil. Nobody chanced to take some snapshots during the war since everybody joined up the mess.

Right after all the games and bustles, we went after the beach and spent the rest of our afternoon plunged. Then we got home at 5pm with this snapshot.
Kids Ministry 08.

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