Monday, September 01, 2008

IT'S ALL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours from now and it's September!

Founder's Day just ended awfully. The much awaited fireworks came out terrible amidst a jam-packed closure. Although the seemingly well-tuned bands finally showed up, the night wasn't still that satisfying.

To this point, people seem to have this hang-over feeling now that the booth area is being cleared out. Even though the booths looked lousy with their gimmicks, celebrating the holidays with a few people satisfied me enough. Most people had hanged out somewhere other than dwelling in the booth area all night. I on the hand had my days spent on beaches and other else than waiting for the night to creep over the booth area for a hint of celebration. So far, my week wasn't composed of the awful shows at the Hibalag Festival - I had a much more enjoyable time hanging out with friends and doing the things I really wanted to do while the schoolworks were laden. By that week, I was out of it and had all the free time helpful to compensate the DISTRESSES. Overall, my 2-week break was a lot of fan!


pen said...


yup 4yrs old na si blog :) tagal na noh pero wala pa din ako sa 100 entries hehehe!

hindi ko maview ng kompleto ang blog mo kasi nasa opisina ako.. :) nabblock ang ibang info..


BeverLy's Secret said...

Don't let anything bring you down!!!
Great that you have FUN!!!
Enjoy to the fullest :D

lurchie said...

it was horrible

the people running Founder's Day this time around was no good! as in! where is the spirit of being a Sillimanian?

I remember back from the time I was in preschool up to the time I graduated college, the booth area would be jam packed! plus, all had gimmicks and stuff. Now, it is such a ..........argh! it actually makes me want to choke whoever is leading the SG.

oh well.. at least it was celebrated.

just my two cents.. teehee

good day!