11:48 AM

IT'S ALL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours from now and it's September!

Founder's Day just ended awfully. The much awaited fireworks came out terrible amidst a jam-packed closure. Although the seemingly well-tuned bands finally showed up, the night wasn't still that satisfying.

To this point, people seem to have this hang-over feeling now that the booth area is being cleared out. Even though the booths looked lousy with their gimmicks, celebrating the holidays with a few people satisfied me enough. Most people had hanged out somewhere other than dwelling in the booth area all night. I on the hand had my days spent on beaches and other else than waiting for the night to creep over the booth area for a hint of celebration. So far, my week wasn't composed of the awful shows at the Hibalag Festival - I had a much more enjoyable time hanging out with friends and doing the things I really wanted to do while the schoolworks were laden. By that week, I was out of it and had all the free time helpful to compensate the DISTRESSES. Overall, my 2-week break was a lot of fan!

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