A Date with Myself

4:15 PM

Sometimes I just really want to bring myself to a date with.....myself...haha. And today, I'm going to do that. I've been stuck here at home for three days now and I've just thought of grabbing some fresh air out of the gloomy weather <---fresh pa kaya? And also -- I have to fix my glasses coz it's shattered NA NAMAN!

There's no other place to go to but to the movie house. I can't really think of anything else na <--tapos tingin ko uulan pa, kanina pa madilim samin. And right now I'm trying to pick among 3 movies: The Mirrors, Three Kingdoms, or KULAM (certainly not sayang pera). So between Mirrors and Three Kingdoms <-- I'm going for Mirrors na lang.

So, ciao, ciao ,ciao, I'll be back here to blog here something about Mirrors -- and a little about my ...self-date, hehe.

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