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Around 168 out of 601 individuals dropped their nursing footpath this semester. It was painful. Seeing those tears fall down the hallway was even distressing.

This afternoon was dramatic. Right down the hallway was a crowd of eager students queuing for their grades, hoping and thrashing for a passing mark. Though the area was searing of anxiety, some expected for outcomes that would swallow severe angst away. It was not long until they knew the verdict. Some failed, some passed, and others were just frantic of the sudden upshots. While it took me long pending for my grade, my hopes were soaring high confident for a passing grade. And I knew it. A few minutes later, with sweats irrefutably proving the long wait, my grades turned up and hit me with a reticent holler…. “You passed!”

Magnificent! After all the sleepless nights of lousy encounters and lengthy procrastinations, what I thought I deserve came exact. I can’t remorse much with those who didn’t reach the cut-off. It was not really my concern. I was in a trance of unbelief while leaving the hallway quickly. Overwhelmed, there was nothing else to delay. I had to enroll because I passed my 2 majors.

Though I haven’t picked up my print out from the enrolling officer, I am assured that the next few weeks will be an interval of harsh stressors and rough tasking. I’m a junior in my second half, and I think it’s close to commence by the time everything starts to fly so fast as we start beating deadlines. As for now, I'm enrolled and another semester is just about to ruin my life again.

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