7:37 PM

Haha, it's quite funny to be learning Nihonggo while having piles of school stuffs stacked up. Anyway, yeah, I have a Nihonggo tutor. His name is Naoki.

I've been with him since last week. We have had 5 sessions so far and I'm learning a lot. He's a good teacher, plus, he's very well in English and Bisaya too! Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, he has lived in Dumaguete for 5 years now taking up Biology. He was my friend's roommate and was my dormmate before. Anyway, kare wa atama ga ii seito de uresii desu. Hehe.

Why am I learning Nihonggo anyway? I just want to learn. Hehe. It's just cheap and worth it. Naa man koy discount wahahaha.

Ah yeah, I'll work in Japan too! So I need this one hahahaha

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