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First semester is over at last. I'm free from paper works, lengthy lectures, and hospital slash community duties. WOOOHOOOOO it's so good to be home. However, what I really wanted for this sembreak is quite vague to come true: a vacation somewhere than hometown. Oo noh, I have to unwind somewhere rather than stay at home and get squeezed with errands here and there <---haha. I actually arrived home 3 days ago. Kataw-unon pa galing kay ikaduha ko nabayaan ug barkoooooo bwahaha. 6am tingali kay to. But anyway I got the 10am fast craft and headed off 2 hours later on a land trip to arrive home after 3 hours. Ang gulo noh? Basta nasa bahay nako.

Kkk. I miss Dumaguete. It should have been better if I just stayed there na lang for the sembreak. Daghan malaagan -- everywhere is reachable - Bais for dolphin watching, 5 hours away from Cebu pagyud, 1 hour away from the lovely Siquijor, just a few kilometers away from beaches, lakes, and falls. Compared to Ozamiz---- wa kay padulngan. If you go to vistas in Lanao.... delikado, because Comamnder Bravo has gotten WILD, super WILD, and he said "UBUSAN NA NG LAHI!!!!" <---scary...but true. And he's somewhere lurking around Lanao <--or near Lanao, basta somewhere in Lanao. So aha pa man ko nimo palaagon na wa may malaagan diri sa Ozamiz ---if you go to malls, go to tiangge na lang!

Bla, bla, bla, I've been stuck here at home for three days now. I've been working over the pictures for our endorsement book <--- within which contains our achievements in our School Health Nursing rotation. So because I'm about 6 hours away from Dumaguete, I have to email the files to one of my classmates so that they could print it and pass it together with the other contents they made. Bla, bla, bla, I'm still not finish with it and I have to finish it overtime because tomorrow's the deadline...bwahahaha.

Bla, bla, bla, I'm home and am well rested.

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