Dinner with the Elders

9:56 PM

Earlier this evening, Naoki (my Japanese tutor) texted me about going with him to a dinner with the Japanese Elders. Knowing that it's a treat, I confirmed.

Naoki and I were at the place 30 minutes before the appointment. He gave me a background of the two elders who had treated us to dinner. The elders actually would just want to have a talk with a Filipino foreigner and learn about Philippines and its culture. Naoki somehow came to choose me as that Filipino foreigner. He also added that both of them are strict and quite dislike the Filipino attitude. Naoki-sensei further oriented me more of what to do: no crossing of legs, phone is okay, act naturally, and act like how Koreans respect their elders - bow to whatever confirmation I do.

Bla, bla, bla, I really did not prepare myself. Naoki-sensei said that they would ask me a lot of questions about why I like Japan and why I am learning Nihonggo. "I don't know anything!!! I only know NARUTO!". Then I rehearsed in my mind things to do during the meal.

They came. They ordered. And quite a few questions came. Naoki was quite nervous because he thought I might disappoint them. Haha. Actually they really didn't ask that much. After a minute of dead air, their Japanese rumbles and jargons came ringing to my head, being cornered by the four of them.

The other Japanese elder brought his Filipino wife. But she as well was a Nihonggo freak so I felt like the one in the middle of nowhere. I was cornered with the Japanese, bla bla bla. I could understand some of their statements but merely. But at least, I never caught them saying something bad about me hahahaha.

The food was great. Really great. I also learned that time that Japanese hate slow and shy people. So what that other Japanese elder did was put a lot of food on my plate. When another dish was served, he would pick it and put a lot on my plate again. And when another dish was served, he would pick it and put a lot on my plate again. Bla bla. By the next time another dish was served, I hurriedly picked it first and put a few amount on my plate.

Hahay. When I was finished, the same Japanese elder insisted me to eat more. He suddenly grabbed the BIHON and put a lot on my plate and said "NO EXCUSES". SCARY, but I had to eat it so I really got so full.

I was so full with a terrible headache. They continued their Japanese wonders while I tried to translate in my head its English equivalent. Naoki's taught me a lot already, and somehow I managed to understand some of their statements. Anyway, the same thing happened again. The last dish was served, and what happened was that they insisted me and Naoki to take it all. I actually just passed everything to Naoki and he ate what was left. Bla, bla, we left so full after a "DOMO ARIGATO" farewell and took off to Scooby's for an evaluation (haha) -- and he wanted to drink some coffee too. We were laughing and I told Naoki that the experience was funny to me.

Remember, when you eat with Japanese people, never, ever, ever refuse their offer. It would be an insult.

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