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Nokia phones are more durable compared to any other brands I've known. Currently, I'm using this Motorolla V3 after I lost my N1200. It's slow and I don't like it. Motorolla is the brand that's commonly used in the US and I don't know why they prefer such.

Just a few hours ago, I got my phone repaired again due to some message application errors. I could receive texts and calls, but I can't make use of my unit other than spending a lot on calling. Whenever I texted, it hanged. So I finally had it reformatted and everything was erased, from my contacts to my images.

A few months back, I was using N1200 (to my recklessness I had it lost) after my Motorolla E318 crashed. My mom then handed her V3 and from then on my head ached upon using it. It's really slow and it frequently hangs. I would have preferred to have my NGAGE back than this. It was my phone way back in high school (to my recklessness I had it lost). It was the best phone I've used so far. I mean, I was so contented with it. It was like the little PSP that time. *SIGH* --- I was just reckless that it slipped out my slacks while riding a pedicab. GRR! I miss using it. It was easy to use and was also durable.

I think Motorolla phones just look attractive and professional the reason why a few people use it here in the Philippines. In the US, I don't know. But in my opinion having exposed to Motorolla phones for 3 years now, they just suck! I wish I could buy a new phone. Whatever Nokia unit I get as long as it has a text and call application, it's enough. That's how cellphones work anyway.

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